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Kano Death Throw

Game: Mortal Kombat 1. Platform: Arcade.
Submitted by kingmajix on 06/26/04.

This works on the arcade version of MK versus Kano. It's much more fun when you use it in an endurance where Kano is the 1st character.

Get Kano down to "danger" level. Get him to do his spinning ball move (uppercutting from far away will usually bait him into doing it) and block the ball. On his way down, wait until he's at about waist level hold toward and start pressing low punch repeatedly. If you do this correctly, he will NOT juggle off your punches. Instead you will hear the "ow" sound effect of him getting hit and he will immediately start ducking your punches even though he is dead! As soon as you stop punching, he'll throw you and then fall down and die. One other note: if you're quick enough, you can do a special move IMMEDIATELY after you stop punching and it will come out while Kano is throwing you - sometimes in mid air!

In an endurance match, there are endless possibilities when the 3rd player jumps in!

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