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Shang's Triple Knee Glitch

Game: Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. Platform: X-Box.
Submitted by CorrezZ on 04/09/04.

Do Shang's the Crane-style "Stong Knee" move (b+2) over and over again. After hitting it a couple of times there is a chance that'll you hit him while he's on the ground, and he'll do the fall forward animation again, but cuz he's allready on the ground, he will fall THROUGH the ground, with results that seem to be stage-dependent.

I have tested it on a couple of stages with a couple of opp's... here are some of the things if noticed:

- On most stages the opp will either stay under the ground for a sec, with nothing, or only their shadow showing.
- More intresting is The Acid Bath stage. After the 3rd hit the model will fall though the ground, but an un-textured (no face etc.) green/black model will reapear laying upside down on the ground for a sec.
- On Goro's Throne Room (or sumthing) the same as above will happen, only the un-textured model will be all-black, set Scorpion as your opp., it's like seeying Noob Saibot laying upside down on the ground(!!).
- On The Nethership, the model will be un-textured, BUT it will have colour.

The key is to let Shangs Crane-style "Stong Knee" hit 3 times right after eachother, it's easier when you opp is really close (practise mode).

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