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Shadow Boxing.

Game: Mortal Kombat 1. Platform: Arcade.
Submitted by Epsilon on 12/03/03.

Surpirsed this one hasn't been posted. In MK 1 - arcade....make it all the way to endurance three. Win the first round, and get close to winning the second (get your enemies energy down to maybe one hit left). Walk into any corner....once in the corner hit your opponent to finish the round. DO NOT PREFORM THE FATALITY, instead just hold back so your character is walking back against the wall. KEEP HOLDING BACK. After a couple of seconds your opponent will go up in smoke and goro will fall from the ceiling. Notice the your character is still walking backwards. When goro falls from the ceiling he looks at you and do his growl. Now this next part takes a little timing, but once you get it down its easy. Right when goro is about to face you to begin to fight, do a backflip. Your character will fall through the floor leaving only the shadow. Goro cannot hit you like this, nor can you hit him. If you press any of the kicks or try jumping, it will make your character reappear on the screen.

This glitch works with every character on all versions of MK1. Remember, keep holding back until Goro faces to fight you, at which time you do a backflip. ENJOY!!!!!!
I have more, but Im not sure Im ready to post them as of yet ;-)

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