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MKShin is an online reference for glitches found in the Mortal Kombat game series. For more info, see the help section.

Have you stumbled across an interesting/amusing/silly glitch in an MK game? Send it in! Currently, MKShin is the largest database of Mortal Kombat glitches, and we're growing daily. Submit to MKShin today.

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Deleted submissions. *edited*

A few notes on submissions. Submissions will only be added to a game list if one of the staff believes it to be a glitch, and can duplicate the glitch. The following submissions will be deleted:

- Empty Submissions (spam). These give no name, no description, and will be deleted immediately.

- Programmed game effects. There's a difference between a glitch, and what's programmed into the game to be normal. For example, in the PSX version of MK Trilogy, Shang Tsung's morphs are limited in 2 on 2 mode, even if "All Morphs" are set in the options. This is not a glitch. The game is programmed to do that.

- Unduplicatable glitches. If the staff members cannot duplicate a glitch, it will be deleted.

- Game Genie Codes. Codes by themselves will be deleted, but if the code can cause a glitch, it will be reviewed.

- Not descriptive enough. Try to be as descriptive as possible in submitting glitches. Saying "Press HP and the glitch happens" is not descriptive enough, and will be deleted if we can't figure out what you're trying to tell us.

- Proof. Most of the time we have the resources to try and duplicate a glitch, no problem. Do try and include a screenshot, video, or other media as evidence of the glitch. We cannot host media for you. You must upload your own media to your own webspace and link to that file in your post.

This post will be edited as necessary.

Posted by The_Purple_Bunny on June 1, 2003 | View profile | Send PM

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