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MKShin is an online reference for glitches found in the Mortal Kombat game series. For more info, see the help section.

Have you stumbled across an interesting/amusing/silly glitch in an MK game? Send it in! Currently, MKShin is the largest database of Mortal Kombat glitches, and we're growing daily. Submit to MKShin today.

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Not exactly a glitch, per se, but still interesting. board member Garret found a way to play MKDA in wireframe mode on the X-Box. Some screenshots:

The cave Fight!

As soon as I beg him into letting me know how he did it, I'll post an article on it (in addition to Rick's awesome work-in-progress moveslist for the glitch boss/hidden characters in Genesis MK2).

Posted by kryptondog on March 22, 2003 | View profile | Send PM

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