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MKShin is an online reference for glitches found in the Mortal Kombat game series. For more info, see the help section.

Have you stumbled across an interesting/amusing/silly glitch in an MK game? Send it in! Currently, MKShin is the largest database of Mortal Kombat glitches, and we're growing daily. Submit to MKShin today.

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Welcome to MKS!

About time. As of this moment, I'm officially opening Mortal Kombat Shin, my MK fansite. For first-time visitors, I'll explain the site's purpose...

I started off wanting to create a general-purpose MK news site, but that's really been done to death now. There's plenty of people already doing it, and they're surely doing a better job at it than I would. Rejecting that, I decided to make a dedicated to one of aspects of MK that most fascinates me: the glitches. It was initially going to simply be a large collection of glitches upkept by me, but the idea of creating a submission service where everyone could easily send in their own glitches seemed much more practical. So that's what I did.

You can browse glitches by choosing a game by its logo in the right-hand menu. Yes, I'm going to add MK: Mythologies and MK: Special Forces. No, I don't know when. To submit glitches (as well as take a look at glitches that have yet to be approved by our section editors) check out the Unsorted page. I chose to make MKS's submission service in such a way that I (and the site's sections editors) had to approve the glitch first to prevent the different sections from being flooded with unwanted elements (flames, false glitches, floodings, etc).

What to expect by the end of the week: A dynamically-generated text file for each section so that you can easily download and print the list; various sort options, including by user, by system, and by relevancy; and better icons for the platforms.

What to expect at some indefinite point in time: A search engine; a voting system; a stats page; and possibly a seperate section for submitting codes. It all depends on how fast I can churn it out (and if my attention span doesn't fail, but that's a given).

Okay, that's it. I'm going to be slowly moving all of the glitches I have from my old MKS site to the database, but it's a slow process. Please help the site grow by submitting any glitches you might have. Enjoy MKS, and thank you a thousand times for your patience.

Posted by kryptondog on January 22, 2003 | View profile | Send PM

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